Frequently Asked Data Access Questions

How long can I access NB-IRDT? When is my project no longer valid?

Your NB-IRDT Data Access Application (DAA) will expire on the date that your Research Ethics Board (REB) project approval expires, 3 years after initial approval. You must notify us if you extend your REB, as you will also need to extend your project access by submitting an amendment request.

How long is my privacy training valid?

Privacy training is valid for 12 months from the date of completion. For multi-year projects, privacy training must be renewed annually. When your privacy training expires, your access to the NB-IRDT lab will be suspended until training is renewed.

It's important to be aware of your privacy training expiry to avoid delays in your research. Privacy training is only offered at set times and cannot be arranged ad hoc. It is your responsibility to monitor the status and renewal of your privacy training. 

When is payment for work due?

An invoice schedule will be determined before beginning the project. If the project involves multiple deliverables, the invoice will be broken down by completion of deliverables as applicable.

If you add a new deliverable to the project a new budget and service contract must be negotiated.

What if I want to make a change to my active research project?

Requests to make changes to an active research project are considered amendment requests. Depending on the amendment, different steps will be followed to ensure compliance with both data access privacy protection and Research Ethics Board requirements.

Amendment Requests are divided into three levels:

  • Level 1 - Requires very little action and time to complete. A level 1 amandment includes minor changes like adding a research assistant to a project. 
  • Level 2 - These involve changes such as adding variables or researchers to a project, extending the duration of the project, etc. 
  • Level 3 - These are more complex in nature – such as changes in project scope or adding a new dataset. Requested amendments to the Data Access Agreement need to be submitted to the project coordinator, as well as the submission of an Application for Modification of Research Project Involving Humans to the UNB Fredericton Research Ethics Board. Because more is involved with higher level amendments, they should be initiated as soon as possible.

For more information on amendments and access to necessary forms, please contact the project coordinator.

When can I publish the product?

NB-IRDT projects are subject to an embargo period of 30 days. The embargo period begins when the project coordinator receives a request for dissemination and/or submission for publication, including an advance copy of the publication and/or presentation. 

In select cases, an expedited embargo period may be permitted at the discretion of the director in consultation with data business owners. 

Once the embargo period is over, approved users may only disseminate information at a summary level and in aggregate data form – findings with a cell size < 5 may not be disseminated by users in any format.

Researchers do not need to submit subsequent presentations, papers or publications for embargo if the data output that has already completed the 30-day embargo period. However, we strongly encourage users to let us know about any publications, so we can help promote them.

When and how am I required to acknowledge NB-IRDT when disseminating my research?

Whenever a project is completed using NB-IRDT data or resources, it must acknowledge NB-IRDT and the appropriate data business owner/custodian. 

Acknowledgement should be similar to the following:

This work was supported by the Department of XXX of the Province of New Brunswick under a contract with the New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training at the University of New Brunswick. The results and conclusions are those of the authors and no official endorsement by the Government of New Brunswick was intended or should be inferred. 

Oral presentations must also include a verbal acknowledgment using language similar to the example above.

What should I do when I finish my work at NB-IRDT?

When you have completed your project, it is important that you let us know the project is ready for closure. This will allow us to collect data about user times and initiate the project closure processes, including moving your data into secure storage. 

My project is closed. What now?

When your project closes, the following takes place: 

  • Project data is archived 
  • Your user access, project folder, and door access will be deactivated
  • We will ask you to complete a survey

Can I reopen my project after it has been closed?

If you plan to continue the project with different goals, research questions, or variables, you will need to submit a new application. 

If you want to revise or extend an archived project, it can only be reactivated with the approval of the University of New Brunswick Research Ethics Board and the Data and Research Committee. Reactivation of a project is subject to applicable timelines. Please contact the project coordinator for more information.

How long does NB-IRDT retain project files?

Copies of program information, documentation, software, and other files that don't contain personal information – including personal health information – will be archived indefinitely on the NB-IRDT server. 

Project data are kept on the NB-IRDT server for 3 years after project completion. This allows researchers to make revisions to academic papers or reports for dissemination or publication. 

Project syntax is kept for 10 years.  

If I open a new, similar project, is there an expedited application process?

The application process and administrative fees remain the same; a Data Access Application and approval from the UNB Research Ethics Board are still required, along with a new contract for the required services. 

Your privacy training will remain valid until the original expiry date.

What happens to the data when a project is closed? 

If you provided external data to be used solely for your NB-IRDT research project, the data will be returned to you as part of the project closure process. The data planning and development coordinator will make the appropriate arrangements for data return. 

If you provided data for the NB-IRDT platform the datasets will remain on the NB-IRDT platform. 

If you did not provide external data and only accessed NB-IRDT administrative data, the datasets remain on the NB-IRDT platform. 

How can I share my research/updates with NB-IRDT?

We love to see our researchers in the news! Please be sure to send us updates about your publications, posters, conferences, and any and all products that result from your work at NB-IRDT so we can share your success on our website!

Still have questions?

Please contact us.