Frailty in our Aging Population

Wednesday January 22, 2020

Aging is inevitable, but is frailty your destiny? Aging frail is a major problem facing the Canadian population, but frailty is a difficult concept to define and even more so to measure in administrative data. However, research at the population level is possible using data available at NB-IRDT and is a promising avenue to better understand aging processes, identify factors to delay onset of frailty in older adults, and evaluate relevant programs and policies. We are currently undertaking research at NB-IRDT to validate administrative data algorithms that can be used to measure frailty in NB seniors over the last decade and a half, which we will use to inform a stakeholder-identified research question focused on frailty among seniors in NB at the time of admission to long-term care. Come learn about how we measure frailty using administrative data, the research we are doing, and what aging research you can engage in at NB-IRDT.

Room 28 Tilley Hall
9 Macaulay Lane, Fredericton, NB

Dr. Sandra Magalhaes