Are you a New Brunswick English-speaking male over 19 years experienced in or trying to lose weight?

Author: NB-IRDT Staff

 Posted on 14 Jul 2020

Engagement Weight Loss Men

What is this study about? 
The purpose of this study is to determine if text message support assists men who are seeking to lose weight. Previously conducted in the United Kingdom, a research team is now looking to conduct the same study in Canada.

One component of the study is a survey. Before launching the survey, however, the research team would like to recruit English-speaking men with experience in trying to lose weight to review the proposed survey questions. As the survey questions were previously used in the United Kingdom, the team would like to know if the survey questions would work for Canadian men as well. 

Why should you volunteer?
By reviewing the survey questions, you would be assisting the research team in developing a strong survey that will help them discover if text message support assists Canadian men in losing weight.

What can you expect by supporting this study?
  • You will receive a copy of the proposed survey questions via email
  • You will be asked to review the survey questions for clarity and language
  • And provide any other feedback that you feel would be important to share with the research team (for example, are there any other important questions that you feel should be asked in the survey?)

If you are interested in learning more about this study or would be interested in assisting with the review of the survey questions, you can contact Marc Robichaud at and/or Melanie Buyting at