Data Privacy: Linking to Administrative Data, is Consent Necessary?

Author: NB-IRDT Staff

 Posted on 30 Mar 2021

Many of us are becoming increasingly familiar with provincial legislation allowances for the disclosure, access, and personal information for research purposes; but are we as familiar with the consent requirements?

Consent requirements must be compliant to ensure timely access and appropriate use of administrative data to inform research. This session will provide an overview of why and when consent is required with respect to administrative data. In particular, the session will provide guidance and examples on how to obtain informed consent when seeking to link administrative data to other data sources such as clinical trials, questionnaires and surveys, biobanks, etc.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand why consent is required when accessing and using administrative data for research.
  2. Identify when during the research project consent should be obtained.
  3. Become familiar with how this consent can be obtained.
This event has passed, but was recorded for those who may have missed it. You can view the recording here: