Giving New Brunswick Our Best Shot

Author: NB-IRDT Staff

 Posted on 12 Apr 2021

At one time, only physicians were allowed to administer vaccinations. In 2009, however, the province of New Brunswick passed legislation allowing pharmacists to do the same. As COVID-19 vaccines are now available, the ability to receive a vaccination from a local pharmacist is becoming more and more important to New Brunswickers. Could pharmacist-administered vaccines boost healthcare in NB?

This summer, NB-IRDT researchers Dr. Sandra Magalhaes and Dr. Chris Folkins are leading a team of UNB students as part of the VitalSignsNB project: exploring how pharmacist immunization services can improve access to care in NB, reduce healthcare costs, and help the province address staffing challenges in the areas of pharmacy and medicine.

With support from NBIF’s NB Priority Occupation Student Support Fund for 2021 and Research Assistantships Initiative for 2022, NB-IRDT will continue to offer students the opportunity to participate in VitalSignsNB through its Pathways to Professions experiential learning program.

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