Labour Force Survey Enhanced with COVID-19 Questions

Author: NB-IRDT Staff

 Posted on 02 Apr 2021

Wondering how the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent disease containment measures have affected the Canadian and New Brunswick labour market? So has Statistics Canada.

In April 2020, a series of survey enhancements were included in the Labour Force Survey (LFS) to fully measure the shock to the Canadian labour market resulting from COVID-19 and subsequent economic shutdowns. Over the past year, these enhancements were continued, and further supplemented with a range of variables considering: 

  • Work from home 
  • Reduction in hours 
  • Concerns about job loss 
  • Ability to meet financial obligations 
  • Decisions not to look for work due to unique circumstances associated with the COVID-19 
  • Applications to federal COVID-19 assistance programs 
  • Receipt of federal COVID-19 support payments 
  • Concerns related to returning to usual workplaces 
  • Visible minority and population group 
With the addition of these new survey questions and the introduction of new statistical methods, the LFS is now able to more fully determine the impact of the COVID-19 economic shutdown on diverse groups of Canadians. Further, in conjunction with the Statistics Canada‚Äôs monthly LFS updates which include descriptions of changes in provincial restrictions for the months of interest, these variables will allow interested parties to describe the effects the various degrees of lockdowns have on their labour force. 

Data from the LFS are based on a sample of more than 50,000 households, and more than 100,000 Canadians. More information about the LFS can be found here.