Step Four - Privacy/Security Training

First-time users to NB-IRDT have a few data privacy and security steps to complete before they are granted access to project data. All are necessary administrative safeguards to help ensure compliance of privacy best practices and protection of the data in our custody.

Criminal Record Check

As an approved data user, you must submit a criminal record check prior to entry into our secure facility. We suggest requesting a criminal record check from your local police station in the early stages of your application as it may take a few weeks to obtain. We accept an original, photocopied, or scanned & emailed version of your criminal record check. However, we do not accept criminal record checks more than 1 year old.

To request a criminal record check, you must go to the appropriate police station depending on where you live, please contact your local police station for advice and instructions. If you require a letter from us when requesting the completion of your criminal record check, please email

Privacy Training

Privacy training sessions are presented specifically on accessing and using administrative data- for research and program evaluation work (i.e. secondary use). Our Project Coordinator will schedule your attendance. Sessions are:

  • Offered on the last Tuesday of every month at 2:00 pm
  • Delivered online via GoToMeeting
  • Approximately one hour in length